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appliance repair newmarket

Appliance Repair Newmarket

Stove Repair

There have been many situations over the years where a stove has quit working and the resident simply took it to the curb and bought another one. Our Appliances Repair Newmarket staff is not telling you not to buy a new stove if that is what you want to do, but we do want you to know that we can fix that stove to operate like new.

Precision Stove ServiceStove Repair

Our precision stove service is just the thing you need when your stove starts giving you trouble. Our appliance service techs have been capably trained to supply all the services our customers would ever need for their stove. It is all part of our plan to be the go-to stove service in Newmarket, ON.

Stove Repair That Works

Our stove repair service makes non-working appliances working again. If you own a major brand name stove, our appliance repair techs can provide precision tuned repairs fast.

In addition to repairing stoves, our specialists also offer stove installation service. You might not think that you need someone to install your stove, but if it is a gas stove, built-in range, or something similar, you will need help. Even a regular stove has to be moved and you don’t want to damage your kitchen. Appliances Repair Newmarket can do it all for you.

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